Richard Siegel, harpsichord

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In a few words…

“I was 16 when I first discovered the harpsichord, and when I purchased – with my own money – my first set of LPs, the Paillard Orchestra’s version of the Complete Bach Harpsichord Concertos. At 16 I also decided to spend my life making music.

When I entered the University of Minnesota two years later, they had just bought a new harpsichord, and I had the pleasure of working on it with a wonderful, very knowledgeable, teacher.

I gave my first full recital about 6 months later, playing Bach’s d-minor concerto accompanied by a string quartet, and the following year gave a first recital of 20th century music; from then on I never looked back.

Here, about 50 years later and after some 2600 concerts, is a little bit more about me.”

(an interview with Valentin Villenave)