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The Richard Siegel Collection: Works for or with Harpsichord

The Richard Siegel Collection presents works for harpsichord solo and chamber music with harpsichord, trios, quartets, etc., all arranged or edited by me from the original editions.

Use the links below to order good quality printed scores; separate parts are included when necessary.

My work is available either on the platform, or at Jacks, Pipes & Hammers.

At Jacks, Pipes & Hammers


Complete list of links:

  1. Three Interludes after Valentin Villenave (Preview)
  2. Trio in F Major, G.P. Telemann (Preview)
  3. Trio Sonata in b-minor, CPE Bach (Preview)
  4. Suite for Harpsichord, M-A Charpentier (Preview)
  5. Le Coucou, L-C Daquin (Preview)
  6. La Femme est un grand embarras, Michel Corrette (Preview)
  7. La Marseillaise et Ça ira, Claude-Bénigne Balbastre (Preview)
  8. Sonata in C Major, J.S. Bach (Preview)
  9. Suite des Concerts Royaux, François Couperin (Preview)
  10. Suite Opératique, Jean-Philippe Rameau (Preview)
  11. Insects, Suite Entomologique (Preview)
  12. Herschel Keyboard Works (Preview)
  13. Herschel Eccho Catch (Preview)
  14. Herschel Oboe Concerto (Preview)
  15. 3 chefs-d’œuvre pour forte-piano (Preview)
  16. Trio in a minor for recorder, violin and b.c., Telemann (Preview)
  17. Mastering the Harpsichord, Volume One (Preview)